The Short Story…

In 2000 I wrote a song called Avalon. It was all about taking us back to a time and place where the trappings of this life didn’t matter and nature ruled over us. It was a heavy metal song that went on for 12 minutes. Now I knew it would never travel over the radio waves but I had to do it. To tell the story I wanted to it just had to be that long. After it was written it sat on the tips of my fingers idly whilst waiting for the right musicians to play it with and I began to work on a Gothic Prog Rock Opera (coming sometime in the future). 3 Years later I was in a band called Ogma. We were a progressive metal band featuring me on vocals and guitar, Kevin Williams on guitar and backing vocals, Ron Pacheco Jr. on bass and Brock Papineau on drums. Avalon saw some light that year as we managed to play it live for one show….The last band cancelled and we were able to finish out the night. It was bliss for me to get to play live a song that I felt was an epic adventure and that meant so much to me. Sadly that was the first and only time it was played live. Fast forward to 2005. After moving 3000 miles away from my Ogma friends I began to record music on my own in a run down home studio. I rewrote Avalon to be even longer, 15 minutes or so and started recording it with a local guitarist but it was a short lived project. After a year of fiddling with heavy metal style songs for The Road To Avalon and not getting anywhere I put it aside and began writing progressive rock style music for a new solo project title Dream Things True. After 3 long years of writing and recording the CD was finally released to the public. It was a slow mover at first but when I was contacted by a few DJ’s from and the was album featured on the DJ Yorkie show in December of 2011 traffic began to pick up. Soon I was making friends all over the world and talking with great musicians that had the same visions I had. It was with all this chatter that I met Zoltan Csörsz Jr, a drummer I loved to watch playing when he was with The Flower Kings
and after letting him listen to some of my music he offered to play drums for me on my next project. This gave me an idea….I would bring back the Avalon project and rewrite it once again. This time…..It would be progadelic. I was so exited about having Zoltan play drums on my project I wrote all the new parts for this in about 3 weeks time, nearly 1 hour of music. I sent my ideas off to the master drummer and in a weeks time I had my drums completed. Now I just needed to find some more great musicians to help me out with the project. I contacted Troy James Martin, a bass player here in my home town and asked him if he would do it. We had many of the same influences so I thought him to be right for the project. I then contacted  Richard Baysinger about doing some lead guitar work on the project and he heartily agreed. Richard suggested Marco Chiappini for some lead keyboard work so I asked Marco if he would like to play some keys and he also agreed so we started sending files to and fro each other and as some time went on Richard and I realized that our schedules were not going to work with each other. It was at this time that Richard left the project but not before suggesting I contact Colin Tench for guitar work. I had heard some of Colin’s work and truly thought he would be a great fit for the project so I popped him the $10,000 question and low and behold he said yes. This brings us to now. The recording phase is nearly half complete (these things take time when you are working globally) and a massive fund raising campaign is now underway. Please check out some of the demos we have posted here and if you can, help us complete this project here.
Thanks for checking this site out and I will talk to you soon.


The Minstrel

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